A place for people who are entering their final season of life and want to be able to spend it surrounded by beauty, located a few miles west of Loveland, Colorado.

Más Allá means beyond. Although there is mystery surrounding what lies beyond this life, one thing is certain - our lives here will end. We believe that it is a beautiful thing for someone to decide to live their final season their way.

Part of that decision might be where to spend that time.

The team at Más Allá is made up of licensed CNA’s with QMAP qualification. We provide expert 24-hour care, meals, activities, companionship and laundry services.

We offer both private and semi-private options. Our intimate home has space for five residents, a beautiful and peaceful space to spend that final season of life. Transportation is provided by family or through outside services.

All of our guests are able to age in place, even to that final breath. Hospice care is available from local hospice companies; we have experience working with their teams to help provide a seamless continuity of care. The area around our home is filled with all kinds of trees, birds, flowers and other wildlife. The sounds of the nearby creek and waterfall provide such a soothing escape. It’s a breathtaking backdrop for creating beautiful memories.

Leave the day to day care to us, allowing you to spend this precious final season together as friends and family. It would be such a privilege to serve you.

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Our Story

Más Allá is owned by Eric Jepsen and Becky Davis. Eric is a successful entrepreneur with a dream to provide a place for people who are in the final season of their life and want to be able to spend it surrounded by beauty. Becky has a background in elder and hospice care. With Eric’s dream and Becky’s experience, the concept of Más Allá became a reality!


Más Allá was a godsend to my mother and my family in a most difficult time. Más Allá is a home that welcomes no more than five end of life “guests” at a time, and my brother, sister and I were ALL able to be with Mom (24/7 if we wanted to), even in this time of COVID. The days we all had together with my mom before her passing were precious beyond measure, and this facility made it possible.

Más Allá is like a beautifully appointed mountain home complete with a gorgeous kitchen and living room (with a pellet burning stove for warmth and cheer), three bedrooms (two of which can accommodate two guests), and a beautiful, peaceful deck out back which has a direct view of a waterfall.

Even more important to us than the beautiful surroundings were the compassionate, caring, lovely people who worked there. Because of Mom’s needs, we knew that while we might be able to care for Mom under home hospice at her home, if we did we would not be able to really savor the time we had with her and “be in the moments.”

Más Allá had CNAs on duty 24/7 which enabled us to choose the level of participation in her care. The staff at Más Allá also did all the laundry for mom, and the CNAs were available to cook for Mom (the facility manager asked her what she liked to eat and shopped for the food).

Our family could bring in, store, and cook food for us so we could eat with Mom. It felt so much like we were at home! Más Allá also made suggestions on nearby hospice services which made ordering those services quick, and gave us more valuable time with our mom.

Had we tried to get full time CNA help (24/7) at my mom’s house, it would have been extremely difficult and MUCH more expensive than what we paid for the services and facility at Más Allá, not to mention the stress that comes with being in charge of everything. The staff at Más Allá became our friends, and in many ways an extension of our family. And they cared for and embraced my mom as if she was their own.

This end of life home is a beautiful alternative to traditional hospice facilities or home hospice; I am so very glad we found it!

– Ann Gonzales via Google Reviews

Más Allá was a wonderful accident my family found during the COVID crisis of 2020. As we learned of the tragic news my father would soon face, we were looking at terrible alternatives for care in his final months. Due to COVID, every hospice home was unable to have visitation from friends and family. And even when they could visit, it would be limited to a single individual for the duration of my father's stay there. As myself and others lived out of state, no visitation was a crushing blow. Then, the hospital staff offered an alternative: Más Allá.

Más Allá, as described, was a small business that had just started up earlier in the year and offered many things other facilities could not: a home that visitors could visit freely, an ability for my father to come and go as he pleased, a much smaller and optimal patient:nurse ratio (the total capacity wasn't met while we were there, but typically wouldn't exceed 2:1), a home with internal beauty and serene external landscaping, and extremely caring and thoughtful staff. Our family, having never faced such decisions before, took a leap of faith and transferred my father to Más Allá's care.

It was a great decision. Becky, Eric, and the entire staff were super attentive to my father. Becky was just a quick text or call away, and was always doing what was best for my father and the family. She ensured we were updated on his health, regularly contacted the Hospice organization we partnered with for support, and held our hands through a very troubling time. They welcomed having gatherings to share love and joy and bent over backwards to accommodate anything we asked for. With their support, we were able to organize a 70th birthday party for my father, as well as arrange a small putt putt golf outing for his closest friends. Through everything, they kept safety top of mind with COVID, staying masked as visitors came and went and giving us as much needed space as possible.

We also had to endure the dangerous wildfires that threatened much of Colorado, including coming dangerously close to Más Allá. Despite this being their livelihood and business, they kept all the focus on my father and ensured he was evacuated and returned safely - placing all the calls to medical support in the area and doing so quickly and safely. They even kept his care going outside their facility at the place we were temporarily residing due to being displaced, with the same staff that he was accustomed to.

While I certainly wish I never had to due business with them (only due to the reality of having to send a loved one to hospice), the fact that we wound up with Más Allá as a home for my late father was a shining star in an otherwise dark sky.

I am beyond appreciative for their care, and would highly recommend it to anyone in the Loveland area that is looking for a safe, beautiful, and personable alternative to a typical hospice facility.
– Jonathan Piekenbrock via Google Reviews

Más Allá Foundation was created to raise funds to help families needing financial assistance taking care of loved ones near the end of life. These funds will help families cover the cost of 24-hour caretaking at our residential care facility, depending on their financial needs.

Thank you for participating with us in this care!

If you would like to donate by check please make it out to Más Allá Foundation, 9019 W Highway 34, Loveland CO 80537 OR if you would like to donate by credit card please donate:

Leave the day to day care to us, allowing you to spend this precious final season together as friends and family. It would be such a privilege to serve you.

Call (970) 549-0600 to schedule a tour.

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